You can start by reading an Introduction to the financial benefits of Impact Investing.

For a brief introduction to our network, please download Introducing our Network.

The Southwest Angel Network provides angel investing education opportunities for prospective and new angels:

Angel Investing 201 Educational Webinar – The Big Picture

  • Covers the basics of building an Investment Portfolio, and an introduction to how to do Due Diligence in order to increase the financial return from that portfolio.
  • Download the Angel Investing 201 webinar material

Angel Investing 202 Educational Webinar – The Mechanics of Investing

  • Covers investment instruments, company valuation, dilution across rounds, and tax considerations
  • Download the Angel 202 Webinar webinar material and the accompanying Dilution Worksheet

Angel Investing 203 Educational Webinar – Measuring Impact

  • Covers impact metrics and tools.  When you are making impact investments, you can apply the same rigor to assess the potential for impact returns as you do to assess the potential financial returns.
  • Download the Impact measurement  webinar material

Angel Investing In Uncertain Times

  • This webinar was presented three times during the week of April 27th, and currently is not scheduled to be presented again. That said, if there is sufficient demand for another presentation, one can be scheduled. Please contact You may download the presentation.

Webinar Registration

For registrants who are not members of the Southwest Angel Network, there is a $20.00 registration fee for webinars. That fee will be refunded to you in one of two ways:

  1. After attending the webinar, we will mail you a $20.00 refund check, or
  2. After attending the webinar, you can receive a $50.00 discount on your first-year angel membership fee.

If you have a conflict and cannot attend a webinar, please email before the webinar and we will shift your payment to a future webinar date of your choice.

Another fantastic educational resource for new angel investors can be found on the ACA website.

Additional resources and information for investors are available.