SWAN wants you to be comfortable with the idea of impact angel investing before joining our network. We provide extensive educational opportunities.  And you we encourage you to make your first investment decision only after  you get comfortable with our process and see how our experienced angels evaluate investments.


Here is a path to learning:


Download a short presentation

 Download Introducing the SWAN Impact Network.

Schedule a call with one of our chapter leads:

Ask questions and gain a sense  of what the network is all about.

Austin Chapter:  Bob Bridge



North Texas Chapter: Heather Gilker



Attend a Quarterly Pitch Event

Meet our angels. Meet inspiring companies. The is a great way to learn what the SWAN Impact Network is all about. To register, please contact Bob or Heather.

Currently, our pitch events are Zoom only.  Later this year you can attend in person or via real-time Zoom.


Sign up for our educational webinars

Angel Investing 201 Educational Webinar – The Big Picture

  • Covers the basics of building an Investment Portfolio, and an introduction to how to do Due Diligence in order to increase the financial return from that portfolio.
  • Download the Angel 201 webinar  material, and watch a recording of the webinar.

Angel Investing 202 Educational Webinar – The Mechanics of Investing

Angel Investing 203 Educational Webinar – Measuring Impact

  • Covers impact metrics and tools.  When you are making impact investments, you can apply the same rigor to assess the potential for impact returns as you do to assess the potential financial returns.
  • Download the Angel 203 webinar material, and watch a recording of the webinar.

Webinar Registration


Be a Guest in our Down-Selection and Deal Memo Process

This is the most comprehensive way to learn about impact investing. You get to directly observes our experienced angels in action. Contact Bob or Heather if you would like to take advantage of this amazing learning opportunity.


Still have questions?

Go to our Frequently Asked Questions page

Another fantastic educational resource for new angel investors can be found on the ACA website.