SWAN wants you to be comfortable with the idea of impact angel investing before joining our network. We provide extensive educational opportunities. And you we encourage you to make your first investment decision only after you get comfortable with our process and see how our experienced angels evaluate investments.

The SWAN Network Is:

A community of angels bound together by a passion for investing in inspiring entreprenuers who are working to address pressing social and environmental challenges faced by our society.

A group that demystifies the investment process by educating new angels.

Investors who recognize that an entrepreneur’s abilities are not defined by race, culture, sexual orientation, gender expression, or socioeconomic status.

An organization that recognizes that each investor decides how much time and funds are appropriate for them to share.

How To Get Started

STEP 1: Download SWAN Impact Network Intro Presentation

STEP 2: Schedule a Call with a SWAN Impact Network Chapter Leader

Executive Director & Austin Chapter Lead
Bob Bridge

Schedule a call with Bob

North Texas Chapter Lead
Heather Gilker
Houston Chapter Lead
Todd Litton

STEP 3: Attend a Quarterly Pitch Event

Meet our angels. Meet inspiring companies. The is a great way to learn what the SWAN Impact Network is all about. You can attend in person or via real-time Zoom.

To register, please contact Bob,  Heather or Todd.

STEP 4: Watch Our Educational Webinars

Angel Investing 101: The angel Investing Experience

Introduces: What is an angel investor? What it is like to be an impact angel investor at SWAN? What is the personality of the SWAN network?  How does the network operates? What is expected of you? What does SWAN invest in?

angel 201

Angel Investing 201: Assessing Angel Investing Risks

An introduction to evaluating investment risks when making early-stage company investments.

angel 202

Angel Investing 202: Investment Instruments and Company Valuations

Covers investment instruments and company valuations, and provides examples of up rounds and down rounds.

angel 203

Angel Investing 203: Unlocking the Power of Impact Investing – SWAN Impact Assessment Deep Dive

Covers impact assessment, metrics and tools. When you are making impact investments, you can apply the same rigor to assess the potential for impact returns as you do to assess the potential financial returns.

Cultivating Opportunity – Exploring a Decade of Angel Investing

Laura Hill is one of SWAN’s most experienced investors. Learn from her 10 years of angel investing.

STEP 5: Register for an Upcoming Event

STEP 6: Request a three-month complimentary Guest Angel membership.

This is the most comprehensive way to learn about impact investing. You get to directly observes our experienced angels in action. Learn more.

STEP 7: Still have questions?

The Benefits of Joining SWAN

  • You can learn about angel investing from experienced angels
  • You will see pre-qualified deals. Typically, 5% of the companies who apply get to present at our dinner pitch event
  • Your investment decisions benefit from group-think. All the angels bring different experiences and collectively we have better insights about a company than any of us have individually
  • You get to attend stimulating dinner pitch events
  • You will be part of a social community, meeting interesting people and companies, and gaining the satisfaction of working with others to make the world a better place
  • Your SWAN investments are tracked in the SERAF platform, which is continually updated to show the value of your personal portfolio
  • You have access to the Dealum platform which makes it easy to make investment decisions. All the information you need to review for potential investments is in one user-friendly location.
  • You have access to the information provided by the Angel Capital Association (ACA). ACA is a trade group of angel networks and provides access to industry trends, and has educational webinars and annual conferences.

Still Have Questions?

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