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Ashley Hamilton,
CEO/Co-Founder and Damian McKeon,

Aiki’s Impact Goal:
Reduce deaths and injuries from Active Shooter Attacks

Aiki empowers people such as students and teachers to quickly react during Active Shooter Attacks via an app in order to initiate lockdown as quickly as possible, enable responders to respond faster and provide data to drive a more effective response.

Lori Most, CEO/Founder

Binary Bridge’s Impact Goal:
Improve the quality of healthcare for underserved populations

Binary Bridge enables rural clinics and humanitarian medical teams to provide quality healthcare in underserved locations with unreliable electrical power or internet access by providing an easy to use and affordable medical records software solution.

Allison Schickel, CEO/Founder

Brobe’s Impact Goal:
Support women undergoing surgery

Brobe assists people undergoing cancer treatment or recovering from surgery with a first-of-its-kind surgical recovery robe that prioritizes style, comfort, and functionality to improve patient well-being.

Carole Spangler Vaughn, CEO/Founder

Eisana’s Impact Goal:
Prevent side effects from cancer treatment

Eisana prevents the nerve damage caused by chemotherapy by cooling hands and feet via an innovative, effective, patient-friendly device which improves quality of life for patients post cancer treatment.

Mark Hunter, CEO

Harmonic Bionics’ Impact Goal:
Enhance rehabilitation therapy

Harmonic Bionics improves rehabilitative treatment for patients with neurological and musculoskeletal impairments by using intelligent robotic technology to drive research, assess movement disorders, and facilitate a data-driven approach to rehabilitation.

Casey Qadir, CEO

Hubly Surgical’s Impact Goal:
Improve patient outcomes for neurosurgical procedures

Hubly Surgical advances patient outcomes and the quality of neurosurgical care with a revolutionary surgical drill that promises to minimize the complications that result from the many intracranial punctures occurring in the US each year.

Kay Olmstead, CEO

Nano PharmaSolutions’ Impact Goal:
Decrease the approval time for new drugs

Nano PharmaSolutions helps pharma companies to rapidly advance to the first-in-human clinical stage by making new drugs more soluble and human bio-available.

Beth Carls and Amy Looper,

OneSeventeen Media’s Impact Goal:
Improve social emotional well-being and mental health in children

OneSeventeen Media provides mental healthcare access for children with an easy-to-use suite of tech-based tools that aims to improve childhood well-being and foster emotional and problem-solving skills.

Aadeel Akhtar, CEO/Founder

Psyonic’s Impact Goal:
Make bionic prosthetic devices accessible to a larger market

Psyonic provides accessible technology to those with limb differences, offering a first-of-its-kind bionic hand that provides improved bionic mobility for users at a fraction of the average prosthetic cost.

Sarah Lee, CEO/Co-founder

Relavo’s Impact Goal:
Make home dialysis safer

For patients using home dialysis to treat kidney disease, Relavo’s technology reduces the rate of infection resulting from dialysis.

Danny Corprew, CEO/Founder

Scriptly Rx’s Impact Goal:
Lower the cost of prescription medications for underserved communities

Scriptly Rx brings a positive economic impact to the lives of those struggling to afford their prescriptions by providing ethically-priced medications to those who need them.

David Blossom,

Skope’s Impact Goal:
Reduce hospital acquired infections

Skope combats hospital acquired infections through its inexpensive, easy to use, point-of-care Skope Station which quickly and effectively disinfects stethoscopes leading to improved clinical care standards for infection control.

Josh White, CEO

Sonnest’s Impact Goal:
Improve the quality of care and reduce health care costs for coronary disease patients

Sonnest enhances care options for those living with coronary artery disease (CAD) by offering a quick and cost-effective cardiac imaging agent for point-of-care cardiac ultrasound that can diagnose with greater ease and enhance patient wellbeing.

Steve Mogensen, CEO/Co-founder and Dr Jessica Huber, CTO/Co-founder

SpeechVive’s Impact Goal:
Enhance the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease

SpeechVive uses a novel speech aid for Parkinson’s disease patients that restores their ability to communicate, improves social involvement, and reduces depression among those living with the disease.

Tavis and Jill Schriefer, Co-founders

teleCALM’s Impact Goal:
Protect seniors and empower their caregivers

teleCALM betters the lives of both caregivers and those living with dementia by providing a safe phone service that enables seniors to stay connected to their community while being protected from financial exploitation over the phone.

Aldo Maspóns, CEO/Co-founder

VeMiDoc’s Impact Goal:
Improve health outcomes and lower costs for underserved populations

VeMiDoc helps providers improve medical outcomes for their patients with a bilingual telemedicine app that facilitates the delivery of affordable, quality medical care, helps physicians manage their patient cohorts, and increases the efficiency of patient treatment.

Chad Mason, CEO/Founder

Advanced Ionics’ Impact Goal:
Accelerate heavy industry’s shift to green hydrogen

Advanced Ionics is replacing existing hydrogen manufacturing with a more affordable, cleaner alternative by combining breakthrough electrolyzer technology with onsite process and waste heat from industrial sites to produce inexpensive green hydrogen.

Scott Nguyen, CEO

Bodhi’s Impact Goal:
Enable quicker residential renewable energy adoption

Bodhi lowers the barriers to residential solar adoption via enhanced customer service and solar fleet monitoring which improves the customer’s experience with using solar energy and increases referrals.

Dr. BJ Johnson, CEO/Co-founder and Dr Julie Blumreiter, CTO/Co-founder

ClearFlame Engine Technologies’ Impact Goal:
Enable diesel engines to burn clean, renewable biofuels

ClearFlame Engine Technologies significantly reduces GHG emissions for long-haul trucking, agriculture, power generation, and other sectors by transforming heavy-duty engines to run more cost-effectively and cleaner on 100% renewable, plant-based fuels.

Erik Norwood, CEO/Founder Curb, CTO Elevation

Elevation’s Impact Goal:
Make homes more energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gases

Elevation (which purchased SWAN portfolio company Curb Energy) offers a unique combination of solar, energy efficiency, and energy monitoring technology to provide homeowners with the most complete solution for smarter home energy with lower carbon usage.

Eric Steinmeyer, CEO/Founder

Focal Technologies’ Impact Goal:
Remediate contaminated water using solar energy

Focal Technologies provides a cost-effective, carbon-neutral, and mobile solution for contaminated industrial and agricultural wastewater that offers a high level of water remediation with less GHG emissions than current systems.

Brad Medford, CEO/Co-founder

Imperium Technologies’ Impact Goal:
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from steam pipe leaks

Imperium improves the efficiency of steam transmission through pipes and reduces unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions with its real-time monitoring capabilities and reliable steam trap design.

Adam DeHeer, CEO/Co-founder

LeapFrog Design’s Impact Goal:
Increase home water reuse

LeapFrog Design provides stylish, plant-powered, greywater recycling systems for new residences, reducing water usage by up to 40%.

Joshua Groleau, CEO/Co-founder

Pecos Wind Power’s Impact Goal:
Increase access to affordable wind energy

Pecos designs and builds low-wind-optimized, community-scale wind turbines which enables more customers to access renewable electricity.

Ryan Vogel

Pure Blue Tech’s Impact Goal:
Reduce the cost of purifying water

Pure Blue Tech membrane technology reduces membrane fouling which enables efficient water generation and lowers the cost to filter and purify water, wastewater, seawater and other liquids via its self-cleaning membrane elements.

Ugwem Eneyo, CEO/Co-founder

Shyft Power Solutions’ Impact Goal:
Enable integration of clean energy in developing countries

Shyft improves access to clean, reliable, and affordable distributed energy in markets with poor grid reliability by providing IoT and software to monitor power usage that improves operational efficiency and integrates well with sustainable energy sources.

Arun Gupta, CEO/Founder

Skyven’s Impact Goal:
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from industrial plants

Skyven combats industrial emissions by providing solar heat generation and heat recapture solutions that minimize industrial processing air pollution and CO2 emissions.

Andrew Maxey, CEO

Vartega’s Impact Goal:
Increase the amount of carbon fiber that is recycled

Vartega makes recycled carbon fiber more affordable and accessible for manufacturers to use via its patented recycling process and helps to divert waste from landfills.

Omeed-Badkoobeh, CEO/Co-founder

Yotta Energy’s Impact Goal:
Enable cost-effective storage for solar installations

Yotta Energy improves the efficiency of commercial rooftop solar energy storage using a cost-effective storage solution that easily integrates with solar projects.

Raj Vable, CEO/Founder

Young Mountain Tea’s Impact Goal:
Build a sustainable future for Himalayan farmers

Young Mountain Tea empowers Himalayan tea farmers, particularly women, to develop financial independence and sustainable farming practices by working directly with farmers to improve tea quality and by donating a portion of sales to fund a farmer-owned tea factory.

David Daniels, CEO

Acadeum’s Impact Goal:
Enable colleges to improve graduation and retention rates

Acadeum enables higher education to better meet student needs and improve graduation rates by providing a platform for colleges to share access to online courses across schools and simplify the transfer credit process for students.

Ashley Hamilton,
CEO/Co-Founder and Damian McKeon,

Aiki’s Impact Goal:
Reduce deaths and injuries from Active Shooter Attacks

Aiki empowers people such as students and teachers to quickly react during Active Shooter Attacks via an app in order to initiate lockdown as quickly as possible, enable responders to respond faster and provide data to drive a more effective response.

Kent Fuka, CEO/Founder

Querium’s Impact Goal:
Improve access to affordable STEM learning tools

Querium boosts the academic and professional opportunities available for students, including economically disadvantaged students, by facilitating mastery of critical STEM skills with an accessible AI-based mobile learning platform.

Brittany Hill, CEO/Co-founder

Accelerist’s Impact Goal:
Empower social impact partnerships

Accelerist enables nonprofits to more easily fundraise and drive impact by providing a platform that simplifies the process of creating partnerships between nonprofit organizations and companies.

Jonathan Kleinman, CEO/Founder

Aiqueous’ Impact Goal:
Enable utilities to more efficiently provide services to their customers

Aiqueous enables utility companies to provide greater energy and water savings for their customers via an efficient software solution that improves operational efficiency and enhances effective communication with customers.

Josh Butler, CEO/Founder

Flow Below’s Impact Goal:
Reduce fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions

FlowBelow improves the fuel efficiency of long-haul truck tractors by offering aerodynamics technology that reduces aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption by 2%.

Michael Legatt, CEO/Founder

ResilientGrid’s Impact Goal:
Increase the efficiency of the electric grid

ResilientGrid empowers electric grid operators and managers to provide more resilient and reliable electric grid operations through software solutions that optimize efficiency in the control room.

Angel members of the SWAN Impact Network make personal investments in companies. The Portfolio companies shown above are companies that SWAN angels have individually invested in.  The SWAN Impact Network non-profit corporation does not make investments.