(Webinar) Startup Fundability Issues and Common Pitfalls on the Road to Series A

Are you an early-stage startup and want to avoid mistakes that may jeopardize a future Series A? Or an investor taking a closer look at a potential investment? This insightful webinar with experienced startup lawyers from international law firm Goodwin Procter talks about the common fundability issues and financing pitfalls that many entrepreneurs face along the way. Goodwin lawyers David Brekke and Kelly Carson have seen it all and provide valuable tips on navigating the fundraising process successfully.


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SWAN-supported Skyven Technologies awarded $145 Million Grant from U.S. Department of Energy

SWAN is thrilled to share that Skyven Technologies, an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) company pioneering steam generating heat pump technology and a company in the SWAN investment portfolio, has been selected for award negotiations up to $145 million from the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED). The unprecedented funding will address critical climate challenges by accelerating the installation of cutting-edge Skyven Arcturus industrial steam-generating heat pumps (SGHPs) at manufacturing facilities across the United States.

Skyven’s innovative work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from industrial plants will remove 400,000 metric tons (MT) of CO2 annually.


“The U.S. Department of Energy announced it has selected 33 projects from more than 20 states that will be awarded up to $6 billion to jump-start the elimination of carbon dioxide emissions from industries that are hard to adapt to green technologies. The projects will match federal monies to invest more than $20 billion toward commercial-scale decarbonization solutions for cement and concrete, chemicals and refining, metals including iron and steel, pulp and paper mills, and so on. The projects are funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act, and will create tens of thousands of jobs. The Department of Energy estimates that the funded projects will cut carbon emissions by an average of 77%.”


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Three SWAN Portfolio Companies named to TIME’s “America’s Top GreenTech Companies of 2024”

Three SWAN portfolio companies were recently named to TIME magazine’s top 250 American companies in the Greentech space.

Vartega (#77), Advanced Ionics (#147), and Yotta Energy (#149) were ranked among 250 of America’s top sustainability-­focused companies based on positive environmental impact, financial strength, and innovation. Analyzed company data points included the value of the company’s intellectual property portfolio, revenue and funding, and environmental data specific to each industry, such as carbon capture, offsets, and renewable energy generated.


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SWAN-supported Yotta Energy named to Global Cleantech 100 list for second straight year

Yotta Energy, an Austin, Texas-based energy storage start-up supported by SWAN investors, has been named to Cleantech Group’s “Global Cleantech 100” for the second straight year. The annual list, now in its 15th year, is a comprehensive showcase of the most promising private companies in the cleantech ecosystem. The list includes companies with innovative technologies, original business models, and bold plans that focus on the ever-increasing climate and environmental crisis.

Selected through a thorough evaluation process, the 100 companies provide sustainable solutions for a wide-ranging array of industry groups: Agriculture & Food; Energy & Power; Materials & Chemicals; Resources & Environmental Management; Transportation & Logistics; and Waste & Recycling.

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SWAN participates in Vartega’s recent $10M funding round

SWAN is pleased to announce participation in Vartega’s recent $10M preferred equity financing round led by Diamond Edge Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG).

Vartega’s proprietary recycling processes enable the recovery and conversion of high-performance carbon fiber used in advanced materials for aerospace components, automotive parts, and wind turbine blades. The company’s innovative approach reduces waste and provides manufacturers with a sustainable source of high-quality recycled carbon fiber via Vartega’s EasyFeed Bundles known as Fenix Fiber and Fenix Fiber+™.

More about this latest funding round can be found HERE.

This round marks the third time SWAN members have invested in Vartega, with previous rounds being in 2021 and 2023.

SWAN announces investment in Skope

SWAN is pleased to announce an investment in Skope, a medical device company that manufactures a proprietary stethoscope disinfection technology to help simply and effectively reduce the chance of infections.

The Skope Station is a wall-mounted point-of-care device equipped with a disposable cartridge filled with an EPA-approved disinfectant. It swiftly eliminates infectious organisms, including Covid-19, bacterial spores, and MRSA, from a stethoscope’s diaphragm in one swipe, minimizing workflow disruption.

Tax Law 174 changes the path to Startup Profitability

Under “new” IRS Section 174 capitalization rules, a portion of R&D expenses cannot be expensed for tax purposes in the year when they are incurred. Rather, current-year R&D expenses get spread out over several tax years, including years when early revenue might have resulted in a positive net income.

For example, a hypothetical startup incurred a $350,000 income tax bill in a year when GAAP accounting showed that they were unprofitable. That $350,000 payment to the IRS burned investor-provided funds that could not be used to grow the company.

Melinda Oster, CPA and highly experienced Tax Partner at Atchley and Associates, discussed 174 in an informative webinar which covered:

  • Understanding the motivations behind Section 174’s adoption.
  • A breakdown of the key provisions of IRS Section 174, including eligible expenses, qualifying activities, and their tax implications.
  • Best practices and strategies to ensure compliance with IRS Section 174 while maximizing your tax benefits.
  • Examples showcasing the tangible benefits and potential pitfalls associated with IRS Section 174.

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SWAN announces its fourth investment in Elevation (Curb)

The SWAN Impact Network is pleased to announce a follow-on investment in the recent convertible note round for Elevation Home Energy.

With a goal to make homes more energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gases, Elevation (which purchased SWAN portfolio company Curb Energy in 2020) offers a unique combination of solar, energy efficiency, and energy monitoring technology to provide homeowners with the most complete solution for smarter home energy with lower carbon usage. Curb connects to a home’s electrical system to give real-time data that enables a homeowner to make smarter decisions about how energy is used in their home.

SWAN first invested in Curb in 2019 and has continued to invested in private company Elevation after Elevation acquired Curb in 2020.

SWAN announces investment in Aiki

SWAN is pleased to announce an investment in Aiki, an app that harnesses technology for two-way communication in school safety situations.

Aiki’s app safeguards school campuses from active shooters, providing rapid alerts, training, and coaching for students. In less than 4 seconds, the system’s advanced algorithms deliver critical lockdown instructions and real-time crisis maps, allowing first responders to pinpoint areas requiring immediate attention through heat maps. The app also allows two-way communication between building occupants and first responders, enhancing response accuracy and efficiency.

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