Reach out to Your friends

Please invite accredited, prospective angels to our dinner pitch events. Having potential angels attend is a key step in having them decide to become an angel.

Additionally, angels may bring one guest of any type to each dinner pitch meeting. This might be, for example, a spouse, a significant other, a friend or associate, even if they are not accredited.

In either case please share their names with the Executive Director prior to the meeting so that we can welcome them with a pre-printed name tag.


In Appreciation for You Help …

Our most effective tool for recruiting new angels is you. You have friends and associates that you would enjoy seeing at our events. Invite them to come to a dinner pitch event, and let me know so we can have a name tag ready.

Angels: And for every angel you introduce to SWAN, who then becomes a member, you get a 25% discount on your next yearly membership contribution.

Associates: When you introduce an acquittance who becomes an angel, SWAN will contribute 25% of that angels first year membership contribution to a charity of your choice.