SWAN wants you to be comfortable with the idea of impact angel investing. We provide extensive educational opportunities. And you we encourage you to make your first investment decision only after you get comfortable with our process and see how our experienced angels evaluate investments.

Get Oriented

Download the New Member Orientation presentation, and then schedule time with  Bob or Heather  to discuss your questions.


Learn about our online deal-flow platform

Download the Dealum Quick Start Guide. Dealum is the online platform we use to evaluate companies who apply to SWAN for funding.


Learn about Impact Investing

Download and watch our Educational Webinars  which cover topics including building an angel investment portfolio, doing company due diligence, understanding  investment instruments and measuring impact.


Help in Our Down-Selection and Deal Memo Process.

This is the most comprehensive way to learn about impact investing. You get to directly observes our experienced angels in action. Contact Bob, Heather or Todd if you would like to take advantage of this amazing learning opportunity.