The SWAN Impact Angel Network has chapters in Austin, Dallas and Houston, and also has a  Philanthropic Fund.

Angel investors enabling creative entrepreneurs
to address the world’s most pressing problems.

Our Mission

SWAN has a passion for making the world a better place. We invest in early-stage startups who are providing market-significant solutions that address important societal and environmental challenges. We expect those companies to deliver measurable social or environmental impact, and to have solid plans for financial success.

As your can see in our Portfolio, our investments focus includes:

  • Environment: slowing global warming, conserving natural resources and decreasing pollution
  • Health and Wellness: reducing healthcare costs, and making healthcare more accessible to underserved populations
  • Economic empowerment: supporting diverse or disadvantaged populations
  • Education: improved educational outcomes

Investment Options

Who We Are

SWAN is one of the most prominent impact angel networks in the US and has chapters in Austin, Dallas and Houston. Our membership includes angels from across the country. And we invest in amazing companies from across the US.

We recognize that women and people of color startup founders have been under-funded by the startup investment community. Half of our investments have gone to these under-represented founders.

Inspiring Impact Investments Made by the Network

SWAN is investing in entrepreneurs working to slow down climate change or mitigate environmental damage.

Dr. Ugwen Enyeo, the founding CEO of Shyft Power Systems, is working to integrate green power into Nigeria, where half of the country’s total power comes from  privately-owned generators.

SWAN is investing in entrepreneurs who are working to address social or economic inequalities.

Danny Corprew, the founder of Scriptly Rx, is working to reduce the amount paid for prescription drugs by under-insured or uninsured patients, who may need to decide between buying groceries, paying rent or obtaining needed medications.

SWAN is investing in entrepreneurs who can demonstrate efficacy in improving physical and mental health outcomes.

Steve Mogenson and Dr. Jessica Huber, the co-founders of Speech Vive, have demonstrated that  their patented technology restores  social conversation for a large percentage of Parkinson patents who had become increasingly socially isolated.

Latest News & Blogs

Making an Impact in 2022: SWAN’s Year End Review

Despite the economic uncertainties experienced by our angel investors in 2022, they stepped up and invested in eleven social or environmental impact companies. SWAN angels are committed to making the world a better place. SWAN’s investments enable creative entrepreneurs to address important United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.   The SWAN Impact Network’s portfolio significantly increased […]

SWAN Announces Investment in Pure Blue Tech

The SWAN Impact Network is pleased to announce an investment in Pure Blue Tech. Pure Blue Tech’s membrane technology reduces membrane fouling which enables efficient water generation and lowers the cost to filter and purify water, wastewater, seawater and other liquids via its self-cleaning membrane elements.

SWAN Announces Investment in Pecos Wind Power

The SWAN Impact Network is pleased to announce an investment in Pecos Wind Power. Pecos designs and builds low-wind-optimized, community-scale wind turbines which enables more customers to access renewable electricity.


Austin accounting firm Atchley and Associates

Atchley & Associates is a full-service CPA firm offering audits, tax services, client accounting services, business consulting, and political campaign reporting services. Our long-standing involvement in the local Austin community is a part of our DNA. Our employee-led initiatives towards our community inspire our participation and presence. We are making our impact count by supporting local impact organizations.

Japanese IT technology firm TechMatrix

TechMatrix is an IT professional group who is working create a better future. In a spirit of co-existence and co-prosperity, TechMatrix  works hard to make a contribution to their customers and to society.  Going forward, the TechMatrix Group will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by accelerating business in areas indispensable to society and industry, and by providing services to solve social issues in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, finance,   distribution and other business areas.

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