Our Angels join together with the larger Impact Community to support startups striving to make the world a better place. The opportunities for Impact collaboration are shown below.

Become an Associate Member

Associate members are working professionals who use their experience to help SWAN evaluate impact investment opportunities.

Become an MBA Intern Analyst

MBA, Medical and Graduate students assist SWAN in evaluating impact investment opportunities while  learning about investing.

Be a Guest Angel before joining.

Do a test drive. Get to know our members and experience first-hand how SWAN evaluates and invests in impact startup companies.

Become a Corporate Sponsor of the SWAN Network

Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility goals by aligning with one the largest and most dynamic Impact Angel Networks in the country.

Lend your expertise by being a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Support our Impact Mission. We will occasionally ask for your advice as we evaluate a company in your specific area of expertise.

Become a Partner Impact Organization with SWAN

Your organization also has an impact mission. Let’s collaborate and support each other in our work.  There is no financial obligation.

Help as an Undergraduate Marketing Intern

You care deeply about making  the world a better place, and would like to sharpen your marketing skills.