The  SWAN Impact Deal Memo 2021-05-13 form includes the definition of the deal-memo process that we employ and provides an outline for the Deal Memo.

The Deal Memo Guidelines 2021-05-21 provides further information for deal memo leaders and section leads.

If industry experts, who are not part of SWAN, are asked to help with the deal memo. they should sign and return the Guest Form.

Once due diligence starts, the company is asked to fill out the SWAN Impact Network Supplemental Info Request 2021-05-13

All of the company information we have received can be accessed (read-only) at our applicant database. The database should include the company’s pitch deck,  application form,  down-selection  notes, video recordings of down-selection calls and pitch night presentation, and application commitment agreement.

The deal lead should request a read-write link to the company’s sub-directory in that database. That sub-directory serves as the Deal Room.

Our internal member directory can be used to identify potential deal-memo section leads. The directory shows which sections of the deal memo that a member feels qualified to help with, and also identifies the domain knowledge of each member.

Some thoughts on recruiting deal members:

  • Deal leads are encouraged to have a member work on only one deal-memo section (spread the work around)
  • Deal leads are encouraged to recruit both our more-active and less-active members. Having less active members involved helps to increase their sense of connection to the network
  • Deal leads are encouraged to recruit diverse teams and to also recruit less experienced helpers, maybe pairing less experienced helpers with more-experienced helpers on a section. Everyone should become a capable and confident investor.

It is important for the team, at the beginning of the effort, to agree on a completion date. Projects take as much time as is allotted to them.

The Angel 201, 202, and 203 webinars may be a helpful resource.