SWAN provides a variety of sponsorship opportunities

In the last eight years, the SWAN Impact Angel Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit,  has established itself as  a leading angel impact-investment and diversity-support resource in Austin, Dallas and Houston. SWAN can be a valuable partner to corporations and firms who want to support entrepreneurs and  investors, and who seek to advance equal opportunities for all members of our communities. Partnering might take the form of an Annual or Event Sponsor of SWAN, or of SWAN providing speakers for community events.  Bob Bridge, SWAN’s Executive Director, would enjoy having an initial conversation. Please email Associate@swanimpact.org to connect.

  • Annual Sponsors: provides on-going opportunities for the Sponsor to connect with SWAN’s impact community. We provide Annual Sponsors exclusivity based upon the services provided by the Sponsor and their geographic location. For example, SWAN will have only one corporate-law firm in Dallas as an annual sponsor. The service categories we currently have defined are Accounting/Tax, Cloud Services, Corporate law, HR, Investment Banking, IP Law, Real Estate, Technology Banking, Wealth Management, and University.  Details on Annual Sponsorships are provided below.
  • Event Sponsors: provides an opportunity for the Sponsor to connect with participants at a SWAN event.
  • Impact Partner Sponsors:  are available to organizations whose primary business mission is well aligned with the impact mission of SWAN. These relationships may be based upon mutual in-kind service contributions.

Annual Sponsors

Sponsorship LevelPlatinum SponsorGold SponsorSilver Sponsor
Complimentary angel memberships to accredited sponsor representatives321
Present annual educational webinars210
Number of guests at in-person events321
Sponsor visibililtyOn SWAN website, and in presentation material at all SWAN eventsOn SWAN website, and in presentation material at SWAN’s quarterly pitch eventsOn SWAN website, and in presentation material at SWAN’s quarterly pitch events
Annual Contribution to SWAN, a 501c3 non-profit$25,000$15,000$5000

Event Sponsors

Sponsorship LevelGold Event SponsorSilver Event SponsorBronze Event Sponsor
Position of Sponsor’s Name on all correspondenceTopProminentIncluded
Visibilty at Event2-3 minute Introductory talk at the eventIntroduced at the eventMentioned at the Event
Sponsor exclusivity at the EventLimit of 2 Gold SponsorsLimit of 3 Silver SponsorsNo limit on the number of Bronze Sponsors
Event Contribution to SWAN, a 501c3 non-profit$1,000$500$250

To discuss becoming a Sponsor

Please reach out to Associate@swanimpact.org