We celebrate our Associates.  They are deeply committed to making the world a better place, and are an important part of SWAN.

Associates learn first-hand about impact investing while actively helping SWAN make impact investment decisions.

Our Associates come from varied backgrounds, including:

  • Working professionals, typically with at least 5 to 10 years of work experience
  • Next-gen members of family offices
  • Graduate students, MBA students and medical students

And we strive to have a team of Associates that reflects the rich diversity of the larger community.

We limit to number of Associates to one-third the number of Angel investors, and often find it necessary to maintain a wait list of Associate applicants.

To apply to become an Associate, please complete and send this Associate Application to Associate@swanimpact.org.

A Fun Perk for Associates!

Associates can also help by introducing new potential angel members to SWAN. When you make an introduction and the candidate becomes a SWAN angel, SWAN will contribute 25% of that new member’s first annual membership contribution to a charity of your choosing.

The benefits of being an Associate include:

  • Associates have the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of young social and environmental impact start-up companies from around the country.
  • Associates get to meet and build relationships with impact start-ups, SWAN angel investors and other Associates.
  • Associates get to learn about early-stage companies and early-stage investing.

Associate activities include:

  • Assisting in the down-selection process that identifies the companies that will present at the quarterly pitch events.
  • Attending and participating in the quarterly pitch events
  • Assisting in due-diligence for companies late in the funding evaluation process
  • Optionally coaching companies in your area of expertise


  • There is no cost to become an Associate.
  • Maintaining Associate status requires on-going, active participation as an Associate. Annually, you will  be asked to confirm your interest in remaining an Associate and that you anticipate having time to support SWAN in the coming year.