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Applying is simple.

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Corporate Angels

Support Social & Environmental Impact

SWAN also offers membership to Corporations who want to consider investing in impact start-up companies.

Who We Are

You have the passion to personally invest to make the world a better place.

​You want to give back and support entrepreneurs and businesses aligned with your values.

You want to make a contribution to promising enterprises which will move the needle by addressing significant societal or environmental challenges.

At SWAN, we share your passion, values, and goals; we are kindred spirits on a common mission. Our angels are bound together by a passion for making the world a better place.

​SWAN offers multiple ways you can join with us:

  • SWAN Impact Network – investors making personal company-by-company investment decisions
  • SWAN Impact Fund –  investment decisions made by a venture fund that you invest in
  • SWAN Impact Donor Advised Fund (DAF) – your philanthropic donations are used to co-invest with the Network

SWAN focuses on companies who expect to deliver measurable social or environmental impact, and who also have solid plans for financial success.

Secondarily, we recognize that women and people of color startup founders have been under-funded by the startup investment community. Half of our investments have gone to these under-represented founders.

It helps in exponentially expanding the impact I can make to change the world I touch.”

~ SWAN Impact Network Angel

Our Non-profit Mission

The Network is 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission of educating investors on impact investing, and impact entrepreneurs on fund raising.

Becoming Comfortable with Angel Investing

SWAN works hard to insure that new angels become comfortable with impact investing. We want you to take full advantage of our learning programs before deciding to make an initial investment. Many of our now-experienced investors started at a beginner level

Becoming an effective agent of impact through angel investing requires both proclivity and skills. The collective insights of the SWAN network have nurtured both for me.”

~ SWAN Impact Network Angel

Your Time & Commitment

You might wonder if SWAN will ask too much of your time or financial resources; the time commitment is fully your choice. Maybe you only have time to attend our quarterly pitch events. Or maybe you would enjoy helping with our company-applicant down-selection work and deal memos or becoming an advisor to a funded company. It’s up to you to decide.

There is no required investment minimum. Our angels only invest when they get comfortable with and really excited by a company applicant.

We do ask you that you financially support the operation of SWAN, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, by making an annual membership contribution. The first-year contribution for Austin, Dallas and Houston members is currently $2,000, and becomes $1,800 thereafter. For those not in those three metropolitan areas, the first-year contribution is currently $1,250, followed by $1,050 thereafter. And Angels who introduce a friend who becomes an angel, receive a 25% discount on their next renewal.

Number one reason why I am attracted to SWAN is the Quality of Due Diligence performed on a Prospect Company. The effort and value of the Due Diligence far exceeds other Angel Organizations.”

~ SWAN Impact Network Angel

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