SWAN announces its fourth investment in Elevation (Curb)

The SWAN Impact Network is pleased to announce a follow-on investment in the recent convertible note round for Elevation Home Energy.

With a goal to make homes more energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gases, Elevation (which purchased SWAN portfolio company Curb Energy in 2020) offers a unique combination of solar, energy efficiency, and energy monitoring technology to provide homeowners with the most complete solution for smarter home energy with lower carbon usage. Curb connects to a home’s electrical system to give real-time data that enables a homeowner to make smarter decisions about how energy is used in their home.

SWAN first invested in Curb in 2019 and has continued to invested in private company Elevation after Elevation acquired Curb in 2020.

A follow-on investment in Curb/Elevation Home Energy Solutions

The SWAN Impact Network is pleased to announce a follow-on investment that furthers the market penetration of the energy-saving technology developed by portfolio company, Curb Energy. That technology enables home owners to reduced electricity consumption by up to 20%.

In 2017, our network made its initial investment in Curb Energy.  Recognizing Curb’s strong revenue growth and high growth potential, our network made a further investment in 2020. Later in 2020, Curb merged with Elevation Home Energy Solutions, a well-established, Arizona-based home solutions provider.

The network has now made an investment in Elevation, and collected significant investment commitments from our angels just four days after sharing the opportunity with them.