Val Haskell

About Val Haskell

Technology and Operations

Val Haskell is an active investor who works in the enterprise technology industry. Her professional experience and capabilities include go-to-market strategy, channel leadership, sales, marketing, and operations. As a tech professional, she has worked with hundreds of companies across more than 20 countries to drive outsized growth. In addition to growing technology companies, Val has a love for architecture and real estate. In particular, beautiful, workforce housing.

Philanthropically, Val’s focus is primarily on financial opportunity, environment, and access to food. She has served on numerous boards including CompTIA’s Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Executive Council and Dallas-based Greenspace, which increases urban outdoor access. Her love for discovering other cultures started when she was an exchange student in high school and continued through a Fellowship with the German Marshall Fund and into her professional career.

Val graduated from UT Austin and resides in Dallas.