Sandeep Gupta

About Sandeep Gupta


Sandeep Gupta has more than twenty years of professional experience in delivering technology solutions in a wide range of business domains. He started his career at Trilogy Software and in 2001 co-founded Calavista Software, a software services firm. At Calavista, he worked with more than a hundred companies to refine their company strategy and product vision, and to transform that vision into a deployed product.

Sandeep received a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was admitted to the Ph.D. program. Prior to that, he graduated summa cum laude from Rice University and received Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Outside of work, Sandeep mentors individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and has been a temple Sunday school teacher for over ten years. He also served on the Austin Technology Council Executive board for more than four years and currently serves as a board member for several organizations.