Meagan Packard

About Meagan Packard

Director, Impact Reporting

Megan is motivated to find novel solutions to critical conservation & sustainability issues. Her aim is to get cutting edge research into the marketplace quickly to start solving our global climate and biodiversity problems today.

She is currently a Partner and serves as the Partnerships Director at GAV Conservation Management. GAV is a group of leading environmentalists, scientists, and entrepreneurs who have partnered with the world’s top ranked universities to focus on solutions to specific environmental problems. They work to accelerate climate action and sustainable development, and define a clear perspective on where to compete, how to compete and what it takes to win. Their  programs take 36 months from corporate problem identification to exit.

Meagan’s previous experience includes serving as a Senior Customer Success Manager for Tropic, a pre-series A software procurement as a service company. She was also the first customer success hire for a travel startup, running her own travel business, managing portfolio companies for a VC firm, building new imaging technology businesses for an incubator, product management for a health care division of Nestle and working as an associate consultant for The Boston Consulting Group. Meagan has a BA from Duke and an MBA from Kellogg. She lived abroad for seven years in Dubai and then outside London, raising her kids and exploring the world.