Liz Deering

About Liz Deering

Business Strategy

Liz Deering is the Owner of Haven, a boutique creative agency based in Austin, TX. She is a facilitator, learning designer, coach, program strategist, and social entrepreneur, spending her career holding space and building communities for founders, leaders, and impact makers. Liz began her career in tech startups and creative agencies and co-founded several impact organizations, including an incubator for women and other minorities.

Since 2013, Liz has served as a 1×1 coach to founders and leaders. Her specialty is supporting women and other minority founders as they navigate a transition, prepare a business strategy, or get ready to pitch or present. She has co-founded several impact organizations, including The Un.Incubator (2016) and 121Giving (2013) and has helped raise more than $1M in angel funding over the years.

Liz’s greatest joy is to be in the room (in person or virtually) facilitating groups of leaders, working in collaboration with teams, connecting people, and watching new concepts come to life.