SWAN is thrilled to announce the highly successful official kickoff of our Houston chapter, which took place on May 31st at the heart of Houston’s innovation district, the Ion. This memorable event, organized by SWAN’s Interim Houston Chapter lead Valerie Tompson, brought together over 70 passionate individuals who were eager to delve into the world of startup impact investing.

Joining SWAN Founder and Executive Director, Bob Bridge, in a panel to graciously share their expertise and experience were Kerri Smith, Executive Director, Rice Clean Energy Accelerator; Emily Reiser, Associate Director, TMC Innovation; and Grace Rodriguez – CEO | Executive Director, Impact Hub Houston as moderator.

During the event, panelists shed light on the distinguishing factors that set impact investing apart from traditional startup investing, including that impact investing goes beyond financial returns and seeks to generate positive social and environmental impact alongside financial gains. They also discussed the importance of aligning investment decisions with personal values and focusing on sectors that address pressing global challenges.

Moving forward, SWAN is excited to help foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and meaningful impact within the local Houston startup ecosystem and looks forward to witnessing the transformative power of impact investing in Houston and beyond!