If you are investing directly in a company, verified wire instruction can be found on the Documents tab in Dealum. Verification is accomplished via a phone call that SWAN originates with the CEO, where we ask the CEO to tell us the account and bank routing numbers. We match those numbers with the written instructions that we have received. Those written instructions are then uploaded into Dealum.

If you are investing in a company by making payment through a SWAN LLC,  you will be transferring funds to the entity SWAN LLC Manager, Inc (SLMI).  SLMI pools all the LLC contributions and then make one consolidated payment to the company. Verified SLMI wire instructions can be found in the Document section of Dealum for the company that you are investing in.

You are advised to NEVER do  a wire transfer based solely on instructions received via email, without first verifying the authenticity of the email.  Bad actors have become skilled at spoofing wire instruction emails, diverting your transfer to them. Recovery of such mis-routed funds is basically impossible.