The Southwest Angel Network has invested in the following social impact companies which seek to address significant societal challenges.

Protecting the Environment

Aiqueous simplifies and modernizes water quality and conservation programs by providing data-driven water conservation & drought management solutions to water utilities.

Flow Below provides aerodynamic fairing kits that reduce fuel consumption of long-haul tractor-trailers by 2.23%, conserving fossil fuels and reducing trucks’ carbon footprint.

Resilient Grid provides a situational awareness & advanced visualization solution for utility grid operators, significantly improving decision making and dramatically reducing decision time by operators in times of grid emergencies or natural disaster. Energy management systems are growing more complex, as networks create a multitude of data streams. The ResilientGrid Map is a single pane of glass for all network data streams, improving operator performance and collaboration through visualization, analysis, and collaboration., and provides an architecture and interface built entirely around operator situation awareness and enhanced operator collaboration within, and across, organizations.

Improving Physical and Mental Health Outcomes

Binary Bridge has the mission to improve access to healthcare and increase the quality of care in underserved locations, providing software solutions for mobile clinics in remote, low-resource areas. BackpackEMR targets medical teams working in rural areas, Medical teams are not experts in technology, and hiring an IT person or staff is very expensive. Binary Bridge enables teams to focus more of their time and resources on the people they are serving.

Brobe empowers women by giving them the strength to live beautifully and comfortably by providing clothing designed for women fighting breast cancer and for nursing mothers.

DayOne Response™ develops and supplies innovative solutions for disaster relief specifically for clean drinking water and is a distributor of P&G™ Purifier of Water packets. DayOne Response™ also distributes water and sanitation products globally to relief organizations, government agencies, and public and private entities. DayOne Response™ supports the Procter & Gamble Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program’s goal to deliver more than 2 billion liters of clean drinking water each year by 2020.

Family Plan works to reduce the stress on a family following a divorce.  Using Family Plan, parents can manage custody scheduling on a shared calendar in real time, arrange and make payments instantaneously and with authentication, and make and log texts and emails to support open communication and maintain a reliable record. No other mobile app provides this suite of functions. This app has been developed with input from a team of divorced parents, divorce lawyers, and ex-judges to address both an important social need and a large market opportunity.

Good Neighbor Rx helps people save money at the pharmacy on prescription medications. With or without insurance, people save up to 90% at 65,000 pharmacies nationwide! Too many people have to choose. Every day people choose between affordable prescriptions and food, or medical care, or clothing – the list goes on. This is why Good Neighbor Rx is happy to distribute their savings program through non-profits around the country, in an effort to help ALL residents from having to make that tough choice. Good Neighbor Rx’s prescription discount program is 100% free to both the users and the non-profits. Good Neighbor Rx also donates to Feeding America each and every time someone uses Good Neighbor Rx to save money on their prescriptions.

OneSeventeen Media provide applications ThinkIt! and ThinkingApp which give young people a unique, safe and savvy way to use the very technology they love to use for everything else 24×7 – using technology to self-help on-demand.

teleCALM  helps family caregivers control phone usage by family members who face memory or judgment challenges while allowing those members to continue to access the phone that they are familiar with.


On the Dot provides women business leaders “Your daily dose of inspiration absorbed in less than 4 minutes”, and is the only newsletter of its kind that, at the click of a button, lets you listen to the latest news, stories, and commentary about women in business while focusing on your morning routine.

Improving Educational Outcomes

College Consortium helps higher education to better meet student needs by sharing access to online courses, tuition revenue, and best practices. Our technology, the Academic Sharing Platform™ (ASP), allows member institutions to seamlessly share courses, credits, and tuition. The system allows colleges to access specific transfer, bridge, certification, or degree completion courses for their students. We offer this cloud-based technology, along with an expert services team, to help institutions expand their degree programs and access new enrollments and revenue with no upfront investment.

Querium helps students master critical STEM skills, preparing them for college and beyond. The platform delivers personalized, bite-sized lessons with expert system, step-by-step tutoring assistance that motivates students to succeed.

Supporting Good Causes

Catalist, led by Brittany Hill, is the industry’s only matchmaking and measurement platform for companies and causes. The relationship between companies and social causes is powerful. Catalist believes profit and purpose partnerships mean too much in today’s world to leave it to chance and circumstance. Through a deep data-driven approach, the Catalist platform helps companies find the right partners and measure their impact on the company’s mission, stakeholders and bottom line.