The Southwest Angel Network has taken “The Startup Diversity and Inclusion Pledge”

Key elements of the pledge that are most relevant to our angel network are:

  • Taking a self-defined percentage of pitch meetings, starting at 10%, from women, minorities, and people who identify as LGBTQ to help open up new deal sources
  • Mentoring women, minorities and people who identify as LGBTQ
  • Encouraging portfolio companies and their boards to take the pledge

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Juan Thurman joins the Southwest Angel Network management team

Juan has joined as a Director and will be assisting the Bob in managing the network.

Juan has extensive experience as a Mentor, Startup Investor and Sales Consultant, and is focused on helping early stage companies get to the next level. He particularly enjoys working with B2B SaaS companies, platforms, communications, health tech, beer and social good.

He is passionate about helping teams find customers, listening to their challenges and delivering win-win solutions.

He is currently a Venture Partner at NextGen Venture Partners, and has held executive sales positions at Retreaver and Twilio. Juan has also has contributed in sales and technical areas at seven other companies, including both start-up companies and IBM.

November 2016

An eleven week social-good entrepreneur workshop, that was organized by the Southwest Angel Network in conjunction with other Austin organizations, ended with an elevator-pitch competition. The winner of the competition was Sunconomy.

Sunconomy is not only changing the construction industry by using brand new 3D concrete print technology to print an affordable house in a day. We are also working with non-profit agencies such as the NCOA and Restore Texas Ministries to provide much needed skilled job training in robotics, advanced materials and IoT technologies. Our mission is to improve family wealth and stability by building affordable, smart, sustainable homes built by individuals that care for people.

Suncomony will be invited to present at the next evening dinner pitch event of the network,

September, 2016

The Southwest Angel Network participated in the Social Impact Epic Office Hours at the Capital Factory.

The Southwest Angel Network participated in the Intro to the UT & Austin Startup Ecosystem event at the UT McCombs School of Business.

August, 2016

The Southwest Angel network held its third-quarter evening dinner pitch event.

June 2016

Austin ranks number three in the country for social impact businesses.  “Washington, D.C., and San Francisco ranked No. 1 and 2 respectively, according to the Halcyon Incubator,…….”

The Southwest Angel Network invests in Flow Below, which improves the fuel efficiency  and lowers the carbon footprint of long-haul tractor trailer trucks.

April, 2016

The Southwest Angel Network organized an event at St. Edward’s University discussing how Austin can be the national hub for social entrepreneurship. Panel participants includes senior representatives from St. Edward’s, Tech Ranch, Austin+SocialGood, SWAN, Mission Capital and start-up company Aiqueous. Six more companies and Urban Co-Lab had tables in the foyer.

The on-line new source, Built-in-Austin, ran a story on the Southwest Angel Network’s next funding cycle.

The Southwest Angel Network helped judge a business plan competition hosted by Fruition Labs and Urban Co-Lab.

December, 2015

The  Austin Business Journal reported that Socially conscious investing gains momentum in Austin.

“Social-impact investing continues to gain momentum in Central Texas as entrepreneurs try to make nice — while making money.

The latest venture is a crowdfunding portal called Diversity Fund LLC, designed for investments in LGBT and minority-led businesses. Charlie Jackson, the CEO of software maker Acceleros LLC, said he launched the portal to fill a niche that had yet to be taken amid the many crowdfunding platforms in Texas. “

November, 2015

The website Built-in-Austin has a news article on Austin social-impact startup ventures.

“Even in today’s checkered tech startup landscape, most B2C revenue models fall into one of two buckets: Give away something cool and support it with ads or create a marketplace and take a cut of every transaction.

Then, there are social impact startups……”
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