Corporate angels are motivated to join our network by the desire to support social and environmental impact and to advance their CSR commitments.  Corporate angels have the same opportunities to participate in the network as are provided to our individual angel investors, including having the opportunity to invest in companies that have been vetted by out angels.

Social-impact Corporate Members

TechMatrix is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and became a corporate member of our network in a spirit of co-existence & co-prosperity, and to create a better future for customers and society. TechMatrix has US $225M in revenue and 1,100 employees. They provide Information Infrastructure Solutions for Green IT, Security, Networking, Storage, and also provide Application Services for Healthcare, Cloud (SaaS) Services, and CRM. Their primary impact Interests lies in education and healthcare.

Benefits of Corporate Angel Membership

Your corporation can help address societal challenges in areas including:

  • Environmental Impact and Clean Tech
  • Improving Educational Outcomes
  • Improving Health Outcomes
  • Empowering Disadvantaged Groups

You are provided an opportunity for additional positive corporate public relations, including prominent listing on the network’s web site including a link to your corporate website.

Since SWAN is a 501c3 nonprofit, part or all of your corporate memberships due may be tax deductible

Membership provides your corporation with the ability to easily engage with companies that apply for funding:

  • The network provides a customized Quarterly Report on all companies that apply, including information on ~150 early-stage companies per year
  • The network provides detailed due diligence on ~12 companies per year
  • Your company is assigned a SWAN Management Representative as single-point of contact
  • With the mutual agreement of the companies, your corporation has the option to invest and/or form a partnership with the companies (minimum investment per company = $25,000)

Differences between a Corporate Angels and a Sponsorship

Corporate Angels often are motivated by the desire to meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.  With the mutual consent of companies, Corporate Angels can invest in or establish strategic business relationships with any of the companies who apply to our network. Toward that end, Corporate Angels have the same information rights as our angels and act much like angels investors.

Sponsors often have the goal of developing business for the Sponsor’s products or services. Toward that end, Sponsors are provided the opportunity to interact with angels and companies at our dinner pitch events. Sponsors do not invest in our companies although accredited individuals who work for the sponsor may choose to individually invest.

To Learn More

To discuss Corporate Membership, please contact Steve Maysonave, at