Austin’s Southwest Angel Network is a nationally recognized leader in supporting for-profit, social and environmental impact companies. We have chapters in Austin and Dallas, and have angel members from across the US. And we invest in companies across the US.

And while we focus on social impact, we have not lost sight of the goal of making a return for our investors.

We are welcoming of under-represented management teams, and half of our investments have been made in companies led by women and people of color.

We also have programs to help promote entrepreneurship with the underserved high-school students in the Austin community. Through “I Live Here/I Give Here” you can help us provide a scholarship to the social-impact winners of the city-wide Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Superstars competition

Examples of social-impact include improving education and healthcare outcomes, increasing financial empowerment, protecting the environment, and working to improve the lives of groups of people who face unique challenges.

Not sure what angel investing is all about or if you are qualified to make an investment decision? Our network provides educational events, and a chance to observe and learn from our investors before you make your first investment.

The Southwest Angel Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with an educational mission. We work with Austin social-impact accelerators to educate entrepreneurs on how to establish growing and profitable businesses. We educate angels on social-impact investment opportunities.

The Southwest Angel  Network is a member of the Angel Capital Association, the Alliance of Texas Angel Networks, and taken the Diversity Pledge.