Ron Martin

About Ron Martin

Project and Product Management

Ron is a Director of Management Consulting at CTX Capital Management Consulting. Growing up as a proud Air Force brat and raising two daughters with my amazing wife, Ron learned to always leave a place better than he found it and that we are all in this together. Ron strives to make things better for everyone by looking beyond the bottom line while helping to align, clarify, and focus teams on getting where they are trying to go. Ron is a visual thinker thriving at the nexus of customer wants, market trends, business needs, technology possibilities, and financial constraints. He enjoys combining chaotic and conflicting views to form a coherent model and strategy that gets to what is important. Put Ron in a room with a whiteboard and see how soon he grabs a marker as he collects and aligns the wisdom. Ron builds a pragmatic plan, achieves buy-in, and leads the team as we roll up our sleeves to create the reality we envisioned. He then makes sure that the team follows through, adapting to new information along the way. Outside of work, Ron manages the Austin / Travis County group of the Texas Ramp Project – building wheelchair ramps for those trapped in their homes by disability and financial circumstances. He is also the board president for Amphion Choirs – a local group introducing choral music to wider audiences through innovation and energy.