Alice Xue

About Alice Xue

Business Analyst Intern

Alice is working on her MBA at the UT McCombs School of Business.

She has previous experience as a product manager.

“As a perpetual optimist, I believe in the power of technology to bring out the best in people. Whether it’s organizing the world’s information, improving how people work, or helping individuals forge connections continents away, digital experiences broaden our life experiences.

I am a digital product manager with experience launching new products in financial services and industrial distribution. Having worked in both waterfall and Agile software development, I prefer scrums to status calls. I’m a team pinch hitter, playing marketing content writer, customer success manager, user acceptance tester, and project manager as needed. While I don’t code, I’ve been around enough devs in my personal and professional life to explain recursion to your Aunt Judy and have an opinion on tabs vs. spaces.

Hit me up about: software development, ecommerce, Agile transformation, product roadmaps (planning and execution), defining product requirements / solutions, training, herding cats”

Previously, Alice earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and International Studies from the University of Chicago.