Support for Funding Beyond the Southwest Angel Network

If the Southwest Angel Network leads the investment in your company, we will actively help your company syndicate the investment with other angel networks.

Crowd funding: After an investment, we will also help you consider whether crowd funding might be an appropriate source of additional funds, and will introduce you to our partner LOHAS Capital which specializes in running crowdfunding campaigns for social-impact companies. Crowdfunding campaigns should be considered if your company’s product or service would have a strong emotional appeal for a large number of consumers.

Additional funding sources for early-stage, social-impact companies include:

  • Investors’ Circle, large angel network headquartered in Durham, North Carolina
  • Toniic, large angel network headquartered in San Francisco
  • Impact Engine, impact fund headquartered in Chicago

If your company is women-led, you should check out the following women-led funding sources: