SWAN uses the following process to consider requests for follow-on funding by companies in our portfolio. “Follow-on” refers to a subsequent (new) round, and does not refer to finishing out a round that SWAN has already invested in.

Companies seeking follow-on funding should submit two documents to bob.bridge@swanimpact.org. Those documents are:

Status Submission, which includes:

  • Name of any SWAN members who are currently actively involved with your company, e.g., as associates, board members, or consultants, and indicate their roles
  • Prior raise (instrument type, date, amount invested by SWAN, total amount raised)
  • Current raise (instrument type, amount being raised, amount committed, expected closing date)

Pitch Deck Submission, which includes:

  • Statement of what has happened since the prior SWAN funding: (1) summary of the business model at the time that SWAN made its prior investment, (2) business progress,  (3) financial results relative to the prior forecast, and (4) any significant pivots
  • Description of the current investment opportunity

The network will schedule either an in-person or a zoom meeting for the company to present the pitch deck. At the meeting, your company will have 20 minutes to present, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A, followed by 10 minutes of internal discussion after the company leaves the call.

These pitch events occur apart from our quarterly dinner pitch events, which focus solely on initial investments by our network.