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Hubly Surgical is led by an impressive woman CEO and has a unique and patented drill which greatly improves the safety of bedside skull penetration procedures, the most frequent skull penetration procedure.

Karios  has developed a unique, patented hydrogel that prevents scarring after heart surgery, dramatically reducing the risks of follow-on surgery. A key market is infant and children who urgently need birth defects to be repaired, and who may need multiple surgeries.

Icarus Medical Innovation is selling an innovative and patented  knee brace, that can be custom manufactured in 24 hours to exactly fit your leg. The CEO is patient zero, and a SWAN angel is a customer. Their revenue is growing nicely.

Vartega is making carbon fiber more accessible to more industries by solving the world’s toughest advanced materials recycling challenges to create circular supply chains, decarbonize transportation and enable a sustainable future.

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