Two social-impact investments

The Southwest Angel Network is pleased to announce two new investments, in Good Neighbor Rx and ResilientGrid. Good Neighbor Rx The mission of Good Neighbor Rx is to help people save money at the pharmacy on prescription medications. With… Read More

Announcing an investment in teleCALM

The Southwest Angel Network is pleased to announce that members have invested in teleCALM, which allows family caregivers to control phone usage by family members who face memory or judgment challenges while still allowing those members to continue to use… Read More

Portfolio company OneSeventeen Media announces platform to help Pre-K through 2 graders

With school safety and student mental health a national priority after school shootings, Austin-based, AI EdTech company OneSeventeen Media has launched a mobile-delivered mental health and behavior management tool for elementary schools. The ThinkingApp pilot launched May 2018 at the request… Read More

The Southwest Angel Network invests in DayOne Response

The Southwest Angel Network is pleased to join angel network Golden Seeds in investing in DayOne Response, which was founded and is headed by Tricia Compas-Markman. Addressing the vital need for clean water in disaster relief situations, DayOne Response… Read More

An Investment in start-up Catalist

The Southwest Angel Network is pleased to announce that it has led the investment in Catalist. Catalist is the industry’s only matchmaking and measurement platform for companies and causes. The relationship between companies and social causes is powerful. Catalist believes… Read More

An Investment in start-up company Family Plan

The Southwest Angel Network has made an investment in Family Plan, which works to reduce the stress on a family following a divorce.  Using Family Plan, parents can manage custody scheduling on a shared calendar in real time, arrange and… Read More

Supporting Austin Title 1 High-school Students

Members of the Southwest Angel Network were mentors in the recently completed Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Superstars Competition. This program helps students at five Austin Title 1 high schools to develop start-up company business plans and… Read More

Our network in the news – South by Social

Amy Bell writes that not only is Austin all about SXSW but Austin is also the capital of impact entrepreneurship. “This time of year, people from all over the country don their best hipster duds, dust off their… Read More

“Efficacy” is my new favorite, social-impact word

Efficacy is defined as “the ability to produce a desired or intended result”. It is often used to describe the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals. Does this drug demonstrate the expected impact on a certain disease? And is the drug… Read More

National recognition for the Southwest Angel Network

Bob Bridge, the angel network’s Executive Director, has been recognized nationally as a leader in social impact investing. Bob recently served on a Social Impact panel at the recent national ACA  Leadership Conference in Houston. Bob has also… Read More