Supporting Austin Title 1 High-school Students

Members of the Southwest Angel Network were mentors in the recently completed Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Superstars Competition. This program helps students at five Austin Title 1 high schools to develop start-up company business plans and presentation skills.

At the recent city-wide final competition, our network awarded the Social-Impact award to Maria Hernandez and Lizett Abrego, pictured below. They are students at the Travis Early College High School.  

At our May 9th dinner pitch event, in addition to hearing the normal company pitches, Maria and Lizett will be presenting us their business plan for their company “Hope”.

Furthermore, our network has raised a college scholarship fund through the recent Amplify Austin giving day, and we will present the scholarship to Maria and Lizett at the meeting.

The Southwest Angel Network is not your ordinary angel network. We care deeply about social-impact and we strongly support diverse management teams. And yes, we also seek to make a return on our investments.


National recognition for the Southwest Angel Network

Bob Bridge, the angel network’s Executive Director, has been recognized nationally as a leader in social impact investing. Bob recently served on a Social Impact panel at the recent national ACA  Leadership Conference in Houston. Bob has also been invited to moderate a panel discussion on “The Growth of Impact Investing” program at the ACA’s April national Summit in Boston.

Investments now total over $1M

With a follow-on investment in OneSeventeen Media and an initial investment in College Consortium, the Southwest Angel Network has now made over $1M in cumulative investments since its founding at the beginning of 2016.

The Southwest Angel Network has invested in College Consortium

College Consortium, led by a highly experienced team,  provides tools that allow colleges to offer students more course offerings, allowing students to graduate in a shorter time, at lower cost and with less student debt. College Consortium can be especially impactful for students whose life-changes may have discouraged them from finishing their degrees.

The Southwest Angel Network has taken “The Startup Diversity and Inclusion Pledge”

Key elements of the pledge that are most relevant to our angel network are:

  • Taking a self-defined percentage of pitch meetings, starting at 10%, from women, minorities, and people who identify as LGBTQ to help open up new deal sources
  • Mentoring women, minorities and people who identify as LGBTQ
  • Encouraging portfolio companies and their boards to take the pledge

See more details

Our network is excited to invest in On the Dot

The Southwest Angel Network is pleased to announce that it Joined the Central Texas Angel Network in investing in On the Dot. 

On the Dot providens “Your daily dose of inspiration absorbed in less than 4 minutes”, and is the only newsletter of its kind that, at the click of a button, lets you listen to the latest news, stories, and commentary about women in business while focusing on your morning routine.

The launch of the OnTheDot newsletter in April 2016 was not Melinda Garvey’s first foray into the publishing world. Nearly 14 years ago, she gave birth to her first child, Austin Woman magazine, then six years later to her human child, Beckom. Now it’s back to diapers and sleepless nights with this new baby, OnTheDot. Motherhood, in all its forms, suits her just fine.

Portfolio company OneSeventeen Media in the News!

A wonderful story about Beth and Amy, and their work to better the lives of children and youth.

“Beth and Amy had different early childhood experiences. As co-founders, this provides them a unique yin–yang approach to product development. They’re both motivated to build world class mobile apps that help today’s kids have safe access to information at their fingertips for help anytime, anywhere.”

Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: OneSeventeen Media

Juan Thurman joins the Southwest Angel Network management team

Juan has joined as a Director and will be assisting the Bob in managing the network.

Juan has extensive experience as a Mentor, Startup Investor and Sales Consultant, and is focused on helping early stage companies get to the next level. He particularly enjoys working with B2B SaaS companies, platforms, communications, health tech, beer and social good.

He is passionate about helping teams find customers, listening to their challenges and delivering win-win solutions.

He is currently a Venture Partner at NextGen Venture Partners, and has held executive sales positions at Retreaver and Twilio. Juan has also has contributed in sales and technical areas at seven other companies, including both start-up companies and IBM.

Announcing an investment in ScribeSense

The Southwest Angel Network has invested in ScribeSense, who has achieved significant revenue for their innovative and patented EdTech technology.

The company makes existing paper assessments more meaningful for teachers and students. By auto-grading handwritten, paper responses (not just bubble sheets), ScribeSense allows teachers to spend time using data to drive instruction, rather than spend hours grading.Teachers save hours of time which improves teacher retention, students and parents receive immediate feedback, and school administrators discover data beyond multiple choice.

The Austin Business Journal identifies Austin’s angel networks

See the list of networks.

The Southwest Angel Network is the only network in Texas focused on social-impact companies, and one of a handful in the US with that focus. In the 2nd quarter we had 25 companies apply for funding, including 10 from Austin, 10 from Dallas and Houston, 3 from California, one from Colorado and one from the Netherlands. Our angels reside in both Austin and Houston.

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