Atchley & Associates – CountUsIn In-kind Award

Companies who are funded by the Southwest Angel Network can enter the CountUsIn competition. Winners of the CountUsIn competition are provided pro-bono accounting services for 1 to 3 years, provided by Austin-based CPA firm Atchley & Associates, LLP.

Atchley & Associates’ goal is to empower social-impact innovation & entrepreneurship initiatives by providing in-kind services that are beneficial to early-stage businesses. Atchley’s background and expertise allows them to work closely with socially-conscious businesses, to help guide the businesses, and to enable the businesses to have a sound financial plan.

Winning team gets 1 to 3 years of support services with gradual sliding scale fees:

  • First year 75% discount
  • Second year 50% discount
  • Third year 25% discount
  • Up to standard rate services of $7,500/yr

Services provided under this award include Tax, Bookkeeping, and Consulting, and excludes Attestation and Audit (e.g. reviewed or audited financial statements). Annual services discounted under the award, for the three-year period covered, will not exceed $7,500 per year. The discount on those services would be 75% year 1; 50% year 2; 25% year 3. Services above the annual $7,500 (if any) would not be discounted and would be billed at normal rates. Attestation services will not be eligible for the discount.

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