The Southwest Angel Network thanks you for your interest. Here is an Introduction to Our Network. 

A great way to make a final decision about joining is to take part in our educational webinars and to visit one of our quarterly pitch events. To be invited, contact Bob Bridge,

The network offers two investing options as shown below. These are options; there is no requirement to invest. You should only invest after you get comfortable with the overall angel process, and feel comfortable with a specific company

  1. the traditional approach of investing $25,000 in companies that appeal to you
  2. a pooled investment approach that allows you to invest 10 companies over three years for a total investment of $50,000.

Either way, you will be helping to create a better world.

Applying is simple. Just download the Membership Application and the Skills Inventory, fill out the forms, and email them to We will receive an invoice for the membership fee after your application is approved. The membership fee is $1,600 if your primary residence is in the five-county Austin-MSA area, and $1,000 otherwise.

Your angel membership allows accredited immediate family members  (e.g., your spouse, significant other, parent, sibling, or adult child) to join as an angel at no additional cost. Please have them complete and return a copy of the two forms mentioned above.

Also, you can bring your significant other or one guest to each dinner pitch event. They do not need to be accredited.

To learn more, please call me at (512) 658-2240.

Bob Bridge, Executive Director