Contribution Levels

SWAN has two classes of angel memberships.

  1. Those angels living in the Houston, Dallas-FT. Worth, and Austin MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Areas, as shown below) are classified as Local members, and their 12-month angel membership contribution is $2,000
  2. The angels not living in those MSAs are classified as Remote and their 12-month angel membership contribution is $1,250.

Contribution Discounts

  • Renewing members get a $200 renewal discount. Therefore, renewing Local members contributes $1,800, and renewing Remote members contribute $1,050.
  • All members can lock in their current membership contribution amount for three years by renewing, at their next renewal date, for three years and pre-paying for those three years.
  • Some Dallas and Houston members currently have a “Remote” status because they joined SWAN before we had Dallas and Houston chapters. These members have an opportunity to lock in a Remote rate for three years by signing up for three years at their 2022 renewal date and pre-paying for these three years.
  • Existing angels may earn a 25% discount for each new angel member that they introduce to the network. This discount applies to the first renewal after the new angel joins.