Tiffani Schuh

Tiffani Schuh



Tiffani Schuh is an entrepreneur, financial guru, amateur philanthropist, community advocate, and most importantly, a native Texan.

Tiffani is the founder of the foundation “the Everyday Philanthropist” which seeks to reward social entrepreneurship and innovative problem solving for our community’s most important needs.

Tiffani has spent her professional career building businesses, designing high functioning and productive teams, and developing new market trends, client bases and movements. She views the world from a place of interconnectedness and looks for opportunity for improvement and innovation at every level. Tiffani has identified and launched new business practices and models into the financial services landscape at her prior firm, as well as coached high producers with a goal of creating practices with the most efficiency and profit. Tiffani also participated in the Austin startup landscape by fundraising, negotiating acquisitions, and bringing new ideas and products to market.