Protecting the Environment

AIQUEOUS simplifies and modernizes water quality and conservation programs by providing data-driven water conservation & drought management solutions to water utilities.

Flow Below provides aerodynamic fairing kits that reduce fuel consumption of long-haul tractor-trailers by 2.23%, conserving fossil fuels and reducing trucks’ carbon footprint.MVT

Improving Physical and Mental Health Outcomes

Brobe is a woman-led business that empowers women by giving them the strength to live beautifully and comfortably by providing clothing designed for women fighting breast cancer and for nursing mothers. Brobe is a women-led company.


Family Plan works to reduce the stress on a family following a divorce.  Using Family Plan, parents can manage custody scheduling on a shared calendar in real time, arrange and make payments instantaneously and with authentication, and make and log texts and emails to support open communication and maintain a reliable record. No other mobile app provides this suite of functions. This app has been developed with input from a team of divorced parents, divorce lawyers, and ex-judges to address both an important social need and a large market opportunity.  Family Plan has a diverse executive management team.

OneSeventeen Media is a woman-led business whose applications reThinkIt! and ThinkingApp give young people a unique, safe and savvy way to use the very technology they love to use for everything else 24×7 – using technology to self-help on-demand. OneSeventeen Media is a woman-led company.


On the Dot provides women business leaders “Your daily dose of inspiration absorbed in less than 4 minutes”, and is the only newsletter of its kind that, at the click of a button, lets you listen to the latest news, stories, and commentary about women in business while focusing on your morning routine. On the Dot is a woman-led company.

Improving Educational Outcomes

Querium helps students master critical STEM skills, preparing them for college and beyond. The platform delivers personalized, bite-sized lessons with expert system, step-by-step tutoring assistance that motivates students to succeed.querium

Supporting Good Causes

Catalist is the industry’s only matchmaking and measurement platform for companies and causes. The relationship between companies and social causes is powerful. Catalist believes profit and purpose partnerships mean too much in today’s world to leave it to chance and circumstance. Through a deep data-driven approach, the Catalist platform helps companies find the right partners and measure their impact on the company’s mission, stakeholders and bottom line.