Atchley & Associates – CountUsIn Competition

Companies who are funded by the Southwest Angel Network are automatically entered in the CountUsIn competition for innovative, early-stage non-profit and for-profit, social-impact  ventures. Winners of the CountUsIn competition are provided pro-bono services for 1 to 3 years,  provided by Atchley & Associates, LLP.

Austin-based CPA firm, Atchley & Associates, LLP’s goal is to empower innovation & entrepreneurship initiatives through a competition for in-kind services that would be beneficial to early-stage businesses. Our background and expertise, along with our commitment and goals surrounding the community, allows us to work closely with social conscious businesses, guide them, and allow them to understand the importance of this type of work.


Winning team gets 1 to 3 years of support services with gradual sliding scale fees:

  • First year 75% discount
  • Second year 50% discount
  • Third year 25% discount
  • Up to standard rate services of $7,500/yr


Services provided under this award include Tax/Bookkeeping/Consulting, and excludes Attestation and Audit. Annual services discounted under the award, for the three-year period covered, will not exceed $7,500 per year. The discount on those services would be 75% year 1; 50% year 2; 25% year 3. Services above the annual $7,500 (if any) would not be discounted and would be billed at normal rates. Attestation services will not be eligible for the discount (e.g. reviewed or audited financial statements).