Angel Investing Education

The Southwest Angel Network provides angel investing education opportunities for prospective and new angels:

Angel Investing 101 Informational Meetings

  • In-person informational meetings which help to de-mysticize angel investing, explaining how investing works and steps you can take to become comfortable with making investments

Angel Investing 201 Educational Webinars

  • The Big Picture: Basics of building an Angel Portfolio Strategy, and an introduction to how to do Due Diligence in order to build that portfolio.
  • Download the Angel Investing 201 webinar material

Angel Investing 202 Educational Webinars

  • The Mechanics of Investments: Investment instruments, company valuation, dilution across rounds, and tax considerations
  • Download the Angel Investing 202 webinar material

Sign up: These events occur at multiple times during the year.

Another fantastic educational resource for new angel investors can be found on the ACA website.

Additional resources and information for investors are available.